Museum of Glass Residency

In October Richard had a residency at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, to make new work. While there, artist Walter Lieberman created these wonderful chalk drawings of Richard’s work to show people what was in process, including the “Apropos Series” and the “Optic Lens” series.

Drawing of “Apropos Series” by Walter Lieberman, Museum of Glass, Tacoma
Drawing of “Optic Lens” by Walter Lieberman, Museum of Glass.

Richard Royal Inaugural Demo at the Basch Center, Sarasota

Richard Royal will give the inaugural glass blowing demonstration at the new Richard and Barbara Basch Visual Arts Center at the Ringling College of Art + Design, Sarasota, Florida.

Opening ceremony events will take place on Friday, March 10, 5:30- 7:30 with a Ribbon Cutting at 5:45.

Visit this link for more information about this exciting venture.

“Painted Sacred Scroll,” Geometric Series, 2016, sculpted and carved glass, 20″ x 20″ x 17″.

Mathematics and Nature

"Solid Nautical Spiral," 2014, Solid glass, 18 x 195. x 17.5 inches
“Solid Nautical Spiral,” 2014, Solid glass, 18 x 195. x 17.5 inches

If you caught Nova recently, you might have seen this interesting program called, “Describing Nature with Math.”  As Albert Einstein stated, “How is it possible that mathematics, a product of human thought that is independent of experience, fits so excellently the objects of reality?”

My newest work over the past few years investigates how objects in nature replicate themselves and build on geometric forms.

To visit the Nova website and learn more about “Describing Nature with Math,” please visit this link.


Art Ltd. Magazine Review by James Yood

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Few sculptors who work in glass have more impeccable credentials than Richard Royal; he’s worked on and off with Dale Chihuly for more than 30 years, was an early, active (and now an ongoing) participant in the Pilchuck art colony, and has had a long and distinguished exhibition record. And he’s stayed fresh throughout; there’s something about glassblowing that often lead artists to repeating signature moves, the process is so physical and potentially dangerous that how one handles and articulates molten glass can become habitual. Royal’s manner of avoiding that has been to work in series, often quite visually independent of one another, and introducing new series as time passes. This exhibition, titled “Gatherings,” featured work from two of his most recent, the Geometric and Optical Lens series.

Please find full review here.

New Exhibitions & Catalog

“Violet Chicago Orb,” 2014, Blown glass, 19 x 20 x 20 inches

Chicago: Ken Saunders Gallery


Link to the online catalog.

Hardcover catalogs can be purchased through Ken Saunders Gallery.


"Solid Nautical Spiral," 2014, Solid glass, 18 x 19.5 x 17.5 inches
“Solid Nautical Spiral,” 2014, Solid glass, 18 x 19.5 x 17.5 inches

Detroit: Habatat Galleries

“42nd Annual International Glass Invitational”

Works also on view through Habatat Galleries at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.


2014 Exhibition and Demo Schedule

"Expanding Violet Cube"
“Expanding Violet Cube”
February 8th
Group Exhibition
Opening Reception and Hotshop Demo
Duncan McClellan Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
March 20th
Hot Shop Demonstration
Glass Art Society Conference, Chicago, IL
April 26th
42nd Annual International Invitational
Habatat Galleries, Detroit, MI
Solo Exhibition
Ken Saunders Gallery, Chicago, IL




Auction Studio Tour

StudioWe just had a wonderful visit from the Pilchuck Glass School Auction Tour and are thrilled to see how excited everyone is for the auction.

Thank you for supporting such a great organization. We are sure tomorrow night’s auction will be a great success!